Wandblatt Nr. 3 Release

Mittwoch, 01. Juli 2015 - 15:00 Uhr

Street Art Passage

WANDBLATT NR. 3 >The Erotic Edition<

includes works by:
Felipe Pantone UB / PABLO TOMEK / Germes Gang / Shida / Fresh Max / Knarf / Mafia-Tabak / Never2501 / Modern Jazz / 108 / Graphic Surgery / CT / Basik / Jamy / Eugor & Urod / Turbosafary / Giorgio Bartocci / Retro-23 / Mazo / Alberonero / Burn Bjoern

The WANDBLATT is a handcrafted Graffiti Magazine created by the IRGA IRGA Crew:
(Knarf, Fresh Max, Mafia-Tabak and Shida)
Based in Vienna, the magazine aims to capture the crew?s lifestyle and the work of artists from all over Europe and Australia in almost 200 full-color pages.

The ''Wandblatt'' also functions as a platform for different artists who are headed in the same direction as the IRGA IRGA artistically.
In the age of internet magazines and blogs, these artists have become increasingly focused on the importance of the handmade. As a result, the upcoming ISSUE NR.3 is limited on an edition of 200.


Pudel Design
Graffiti, Magazin, IGRA IGRA
Mittwoch, 01.07.2015 15:00
Street Art Passage
Museumsplatz 1
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