The City's Natural History - ABGESAGT!

Montag, 15. Januar 2018 - 19:00 Uhr

Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

Foto ? Kulturforum, Foto: Sandra Bartoli Foto ? Kulturforum, Foto: Sandra Bartoli
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Lecture_5: 15.01. | The City's Natural History

There is something inevitable and obvious in the powerful quality of a map to produce a new system of meanings for a city. Rather than being a mere abstraction of reality, such a map channels one?s perception, ultimately changing the physical reality of the environment. On the other hand, there is an exciting sense of captivation and a feeling of deep estrangement in seeing ancient traces of the future in random daily encounters with the city: urban fragments of plans from another time and reminders of potential trajectories still in progress. Maps and urban artifacts and spaces are all scripts of reality that work from different dimensions, in an ambiguity that is open-ended and freeing.

This fifth lecture will talk about maps and encounters that recount a specific story of the city and a city to come. This ranges from the biotope map of West Berlin and its tremendous ecological fieldwork, and glowing oases of concrete and destruction, to transgressive models leading to the construction of the most urban, public, and natural places for all species.

Sandra Bartoli is a cofounder, with Silvan Linden, of the Büros für Konstruktivismus in Berlin. As a practice of architecture and research, an attention for high resolution and raw context, both found and constructed, is exercised. An example is the ongoing publishing series Architektur in Gebrauch (Architecture in use), started by the office in 2014, in which ?use? is explored as an aesthetic category that informs the development and transformation of space and the city.

Bartoli?s research focuses on sites of the entanglement of nature and city, such as the Tiergarten in Berlin, a transgressive example of place which leads to new definitions and models of what is ?urban? under the challenge of the Anthropocene. Her book Tiergarten: Landscape of Transgression, co-edited with Jörg Stollmann after the international symposium of the same title, also conceived and organized by Bartoli at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin in 2015, will be released at the end of 2017 with Park Books.

In 2017, Bartoli with Marco Clausen, Silvan Linden, Åsa Sonjasdotter and Florian Wüst were granted funding from the ngbk, Berlin for the research and exhibition project Archaeologies of Sustainability?Leberecht Migge and the Sun-Island, which will be realized in 2019. Bartoli is the author of the book Tiergarten (60 pages, 2014) and co-author of the book La Zona – Index (ngbk, 2012), published after the same-titled cocurated exhibition at the ngbk in 2012. She is the copublisher of Die Planung / A Terv (2007), a magazine dated in the future (funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Secretariat for Future Studies, Bonn).

From 2015 to 2017 she was Visiting Professor at the Master?s Program of Architecture & Urban Studies at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nuremberg and from 2009 to 2015, she was Research Associate at the Department of Urban Design at the Technical University of Berlin.


Ameisen Urbanismus
Vortrag, Sandra Bartoli, Stadt, Naturgeschichte
Montag, 15.01. 19:00
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Augasse 2–6
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