Natalia LL: Intimate photography

Dienstag, 06. März 2018 - 19:00 Uhr

Galerie Steinek

Natalia LL Natalia LL
Die Künstlerin ist anwesend.

Natalia LL is a legend of the Polish neo-avantgarde, an artist of a very clear stance, still active and tackling social and political matters stemming from the tradition of conceptualism. In the 1970s, she belonged to the group of forerunners of performance, experimental film, video, dealing also with photography, installation and sculpture. In 1970, she founded the Wroclaw-based artistic group and gallery Permafo. The artist living in Poland was recognized by foreign feminist critique already in the mid-1970s, and her work Consumer Art (1972-75) was reproduced in the posters for Frauen Kunst – Neue Tendenzen in Innsbruck in 1975, and on the cover of Flash Art in 1976. Her artistic stance and engagement earned the artist from behind the iron curtain invitations to exhibitions and conferences in Europe and the USA. She established close friendships with Valie Export and Carolee Schneemann, among others. In Poland, the artist tried with little success to implement the ideas encountered during her trips, facing ideological and moral censorship. Yet, in the course of time and owing to international renown and persistence, her works entered not only nearly all museum collections in Poland, but also many worldwide – Centre Pompidou in Paris, International Center of Photography in New York, or the collection of Art from Central and Eastern Europe of the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana. Following the transition of 1989, her oeuvre calls for a presentation to a broader circle of art collectors worldwide. {...}

Text by & in cooperation with Agnieszka Rayzacher / lokal_30


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