Projekt 90: Barbis Ruder: Influenza Pop-Up-Shop

Freitag, 16. März 2018 - 19:00 Uhr


Barbis Ruder Barbis Ruder
Projekt 90: Barbis Ruder: INFLUENCA Pop-UP Shop
Window Shopping Pop Up Party

INFLUENCA - the Retro Virus of BARBIS RUDER DOT COM invites you to her window shopping and pop up party!
After shedding excessive amounts of ONLINE TEARS on her Birthday, March first, and her official coming out at Donaufestival Press Conference, she now asks you to SHOP before you DROP.
Viral tunes, Hotine, and selfie-sessions included! Get exclusive selfies with INFLUENCA and the opportunity for 5 minutes of fame at donaufestival Krems.

k48 - Offensive für zeitgenössische Wahrnehmung
Projektraum Oliver Hangl
Kirchengasse 48/Lokal 2, 1070 Wien

Unterstützt von: BKA-Kunst, Kultur Neubau, Wien Kultur-MA7
Powered by: Klangfarbe
Dank an: cyberlab, shu! shop, Brillenmanufaktur


Tauben Loge
Oliver Hangl, Barbis Ruder, Performance
Freitag, 16.03. 19:00
Kirchengasse 48
1070 Wien