Mira Loew. Movement as Material - The Blankets Program

Samstag, 10. März 2018 - 19:30 Uhr

Mira Loew Mira Loew
A Solo Exhibition in/on Motion by Mira Loew,
accompanied by a Salon Flux Open Dinner.

Artist Mira Loew?s practice investigates shifting relations between bodies and space through photography and choreographic explorations. Movement as Material presents a body of work that focuses on movement as it is instigated and maintained by bodies navigating spaces, and spaces activated by bodies. The works here capture the dynamic nature of these shifting relations, their instabilities and excesses.

The exhibited photographs are a collection of traces that narrate the complexity of adjustments made in the relations between to spaces, objects and encounters. The exhibition expands on Loew?s Positionierungen/ Positionings series; Positionings is a long term project that explores how a body claims a space through its navigations and positions.

The Open Dinner is a collaboration with London / Vienna based artist run collective Salon Flux. It aims to offer a platform for exchange, inquiry and debate between the artists and the audience.

We will provide a vegetarian stew and some drinks but invite all guests to bring an offering to the table. This might be a dessert, a bottle of wine, a side dish, or what ever else comes to mind.


Opening: 19:30, 10. March 2018
Open Dinner: 17:00-21:00, 11. March 2018, An evening with conversation, in collaboration with Franziska Zaida Schrammel.
Location: Franzensgasse 6/1a, 1050 Wien

// THE BLANKETs is a platform, a supporter and a place to be.

Starting Feb 2018, the Vienna based contemporary artist Jianan Qu establishes a monthly exhibition program: THE BLANKETs. – a non commercial, professional, open space for young artists to share their works and experiments.

In this program, each month one(or two) selected artists will have the opportunity to make a solo(or duo) exhibition at Medo space(Vienna).


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Ausstellung, Fotografie, Performance, Bewegung, Körper, Raum, Dialog, Open Dinner
Samstag, 10.03. 19:30
bis Donnerstag, 15.03.
Medo Space, Franzensgasse 6/1a, 1050 Wien