Critical Art in Istanbul. Endangered Voices

Dienstag, 13. März 2018 - 19:00 Uhr

Depot. Kunst und Diskussion

After establishing the economic and political hegemony, the oppressive regime in Turkey has officially launched a culturaln war against the critical meaning producers in the country. Among other examples of arbitrary persecutions, one of the boldest steps in this Kulturkampf has been the arrest of Osman Kavala, the founder of Anadolu Kültür, Depo and The presentation will try to contextualise the history of these institutions and to illustratecurrent obstructions to cultural fields in Turkey.

Erden Kosova, editor, Red Thread, Istanbul
Eylem Ertürk, arts manager, formerly at Anadolu Kültür, Istanbul

In cooperation with DEPO Istanbul, Anadolu Kültür and Red Thread.


Uhu Diskurs
Präsentation, DEPO Istanbul, Anadolu Kültür, Red Thread
Dienstag, 13.03. 19:00
Depot. Kunst und Diskussion
Breite Gasse 3
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