HAJJ: my love is rotten to the core

Dienstag, 13. März 2018 - 20:00 Uhr


Florent Hadjinazarian aka Hajj is a visual artist and composer
graduated from the Cergy School of Arts.
He co-founded the record label, Dawn Records
(Renart, vOPhoniQ, HBT, Lieu Noir etc ...), where he is now the artistic director.
He is also a follower of the Schnell Records brotherhood,
a collective that develops Dadaist music producing only one-shot pieces, generating obscure groups such as the Schmirr Institut,
great Saint Pilon lovers. He also collaborates with BFDM,
and hosts his show Souffrance FM on LYL radio.
On January 27 at Gaité Lyrique, he unveiled his new audio/video live with Renart, Voiski, J-Zbel and Simo Cell.
This live accurately synthesizes the contemporary dialogues between the artistic and musical fields,
a captivating performance, mixing the rushes of his film in court,
as well as his sound researches borrowing different codes
such as ASMR,trap,ambient, and schnell.


Kanari Klangwelten
Florent Hadjinazarian, Performance
Dienstag, 13.03. 20:00
Mittersteig 2a
1040 Wien