The White Little Man - Pinhole Photographs

Donnerstag, 19. April 2018 - 19:00 Uhr

Peter Flanek Peter Flanek
Pinhole Photographs by Péter Flanek

The Little White Man photo series draws upon the image of the well- groomed, history-making, heroic journalist, the anchor man. The travelling correspondent is the person who authenticates the events and places for us; he reports and records, and by putting himself in the foreground, he proves that he was actually there.

?Who or what counts?
The character or the situation he is in??
The protagonist – Little White Man – points to a situation, emphasizes it and through his presence summarizes the whole series. He is present in all the pictures, but his constant presence gives his role a new meaning, his mere pres- ence makes the experience first-hand and authenticates it for the viewers. The real happening and excitement thus take place in the background, which gets emphasized by the grotesque point of view.

In addition to the conflict between the foreground and the background, the technical aspect is the next issue to consider. The pictures of the Little White Man were taken with a pinhole camera (camera obscura), the technical features of which mean that the image has a wide perspective and a depth of field that is hard to achieve with any other camera. Since the camera does not have a lens and a view-finder, the image to be shot has to be planned to the minutes details in the head of the photographer.
The low position of the camera creates out-of-balance proportions: the nearer objects get enlarged while the more distant ones become even smaller, and the perspective gains a strange quality. The figure – although we see that he is small – becomes emphasized, and the background begins to shrink. We see reality from a different perspective, we note different proportions and connections, and because of the specific features of the camera obscura the Little White Man comes into focus after all. And we are quite aware – consciously or unconsciously – of the presence of the person who took the photo on location.
Peter Flanek started the LWM reports series in 2007, and it is a still ongoing project.

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